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Dec 28, 2002
Hi there. I think my board doesnt know what it is saying, or there is something i am missing that perhaps one of u can clue me in to. Okay, I can do 200FSB and 2.2GHz fine, but when i raise the multiplier to get to 2.3GHz the board refuses to boot unless i open the bios, save, and reboot. It keeps telling me "System Failed Memory Test." I would love to know why it fails the memory test at 2.3 when it doesnt at 2.2. I mean, it would make sense if I had raised the FSB to get to 2.3, but, I didnt. LoL. And sometimes, after i get that error, and i dont go into bios, and just plain reboot it, i get "CPU FAILED DUE TO CPU OVERCLOCKING" or the retarded thing UNDER-CLOCKS ITSELF! LOL and sets the FSB to ONE-HUNDRED MHZ X_X lol. So, to recap, like i said, 2.2 is fine and dandy - raise multi to 2.3 and it gets "FAILED MEMORY TEST" (and if i dont go into the bios [not to change anything, just...go into it], it will underclock itself). Some side info: vCore: 1.67, vDIMM: 2.8, mem timings, 8, something something something, i feel they are pretty relaxed, cas 2.5. It is supposed to be Micron PC3200, but the co. i ordered from put on heatsinks, so i could never confirm this, but, like i said, if it does 200 fine at 2.2 it should at 2.3, so i dont think it is the ram.

ANY IDEAS ARE WELCOME - Thanx in advance, DreamMMatt.


Dec 16, 2002
Mine will do the same thing. I get the "failed memory test" also, but it will go ahead and boot about half the time. Most of the time it just wont post. Flakey is the only word that comes to mind..