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You smell something?

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May 26, 2004
San Diego, CA
Hello, my other computer has a FX 5200 and I was cabel managing and I start to smell something in the mix of burning silicone, and burning GPU. I was like thats weired, I take a wiff, turn off the computer, take out the video card. I look where the heatsink is, and I felt that the card has gotten too hot (that was the stinch, burning GPU) I hope I can salvage this card because I don't have the money to buy a new one (im only 15 and stranded in a barren land with NO jobs). I have a Vantec Iceberg4 on it and its NOT overclocked. Why is it getting so hot? I have 5 fans in there and my AMD stays at 39C. The GPU heatsink is securely on. What do you think the problem is? Or does the FX 5200 just run a little too hot?


Apr 13, 2004
Joint Base MDL NJ
If you can, lap the top of the GPU and the heatsink. Then reinstall the HS with some quality paste. I have this card and lapped both(GPU+HS) up to 1500. Never have had a problem with heat since, and the GPU is OCed to 311 from 250.