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Jun 15, 2003
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
I just upgraded the last lower part of my comptuer.. The powersupply.

I had a 300 watt no-name one before, and now I've got a 480 watt True Power.

I wasn't suspecting to see any real difference, but a couple huge things have worked out great! I'm getting 500 points better in 2k3, now up to 5700, and I'm also running 100 times more stable in all aspects! I'm also getting 5-10 more fps depending on the game, obviously my 9500 was far underpowered.

I wasn't expecting any noticable difference, but people, if you haven't upgraded your power supply yet, do it now! NOW I tell you, NOW!

(edit) Forgot to mention, since the PS is sucking air directly from the HS, unlike before where there was only the one back fan, I'm getting temps that are 3 degrees less! (end edit)


May 16, 2003
Blacksburg, VA
thats awesome. I have some wierd turbocool korean psu in my system, I had my eye on a Fortron Auroa psu, maybe i'll make that investment, thanks for the tip!


Blank Senior Member
May 1, 2003
And to take this a little further most of the top OC'ers mod their PS to pump out even more juice. It's sort of like a system wide voltmod pouring more juice into every circut.

Stability and overclocks respond nicely.

So I very much agree, an adequate PS is a must for successful overclocking. An Antec True Control550 is also a good choice if you can afford it.