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Your opinion wanted in here please.

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New Member
Apr 29, 2001
OK here's the deal: (cue MI music):

My celery II 600 has never run stable at 900, but is fine at 750, 1.9V

It will run Prime95 for days at 900 but not UT. At 750 it is currently at 84 farenheit / 29 celcius, rising to 94 under load.

It's on an Aopen slocket on an Aopen AX6BC

I'm using Arctic Silver, with an el cheapo Coolermaster HSF.

Money is tight for a couple of months, or I'd go Duron right now, but I gotta build my sis a comp to get her off meh 1337 gaming rig.

I was happy with 750 before, because my goal was to play Deus Ex but I now need the extra speed for broadband UT online.

Do I shell out for a GlobalWin FOP 32/ 38 and take a gamble it will hit 900? Do you think it will work and willthe 32 be ok?

what heatsink you got now, get an alpha 6035, better hsf for the intel chips, much easier to work with.
Thank you for replying :)

I'll check those out but I'm in the UK so I have to see what is available right now.

The thing is, if I have a reasonable chance of success I'll do it but otherwise if it's futile I'd rather not spend the money just to see, even though I would like to!

But I'll have a go I reckon.
I just saw the Alphas are twice the price of the Globalwins, and half the price of a new CPU!

The Alphas are a touch too expensive :(

What do you think my chances are with a GlobalWin 32/38 (which is about $20 converted from £)?

EDIT But I can afford a Golden orb or a Thermoengine! W0000t!
well i think you are just wasting money becuase i dont think it is the temp my temp is 140 F or so and it is just fine. I think the cpu just dont want to go any highter. that is just what i think though
140! My temperature monitor won't even allow me to put 140 as a warning threshold, 128 is the maximum. I think it may be the temp because I have been reluctant to try a higher voltage but with a better cooler I might. But thanks for the imput. So far it's 2-1 in favour :)
why do you have to go all the way to 900? cant you go somewhere in between? like 850? i dont know much or like much about intel but isnt that possible?
-But if you cant i must side with the con, wait till you have the money to upgrade to a better chip/board, if it dont run at 900 its prolly not gonna even if you get a fop38 (i gotta GlobalWin WBK38).
Nah, I have nothing in between 83 and 100 FSB so it's either 750 or 900 unfortunately.

The thing I don't understand is that Prime 95 runs happily for hours but UT wont! And it's not the rest of my components; I used to run a P3 450 @ 504 (112fsb) for more than a year with no problems.