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Your take on ThermoEngine by Thermosonic...

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Jan 25, 2001
What do you guys think about this HSF? www.hardocp.com did a HSF roundup and fitted all their fans w/ the Deltas and this sucker game out on top. So if they all had the same fan, that means this has the best heatsink no?

So I read hardocp's review and noticed something.
using stock fan, thermal pad vs lapping + artic silver = SAME, so like they said that means its the fan thats holding it back.

However what if you replaced stock fan w/ Delta? would the termal pad perform the same as lapp +AC?

And how would this perform on a YS tech fan?
I'm considering getting this HSF, and putting on a YS tech fan, because deltas are too loud for me. I guess I will be stuck using the termal pad because I do not want/trust myself to do some lapping.

Other considerations are the TASO (one w/ copper) + YS tech fan
or that Millenium Copper Solutions fan that Ed did a preview on (http://home.att.net/~Millennium_thermal/Index.html)
seems to be a great hsf, every review i have seen loves it.
but the swiftech will cost you your first born son, the thermosonic is much cheaper, i can get a duron for the difference.
Swift although good is EXPENSIVE, and the most important thing, LOUD.

Sorry too rich for my blood. Most places give the Termal a good review, but ed here @ overclockers.com didn't give it that great of a review, didn't say it was bad, but didn't say it was as good as others were hyping it up to be.
the delta/thermoengive V60 is one hell of a combo, i bought it and i have never seen the 38C come up, prime95 and sandra burn in at the same time only take hey (at 1444MHZ) to 37C with a case temp of 31C - yes thats how good it is!
Of all the current HSF offerings, the ThermoEngine impresses me the most. The innovation and Engineering forethought that went into its design is unparallelled in the industry, save for the Zalmans. I have been experimenting with one for an article I hope to have done before the end of the month. I would recommend it for all but the most severe overclocking scenarios. I'd say it is a good bet up to about 75W. I do not like the clip system, but then I don't like most clip systems anyway, except for the Taisol. Plan on lapping the ThermoEngine.