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Your thoughts of this configuration...

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Jul 24, 2001
I didn't know where to put this, but since it's athlon based i thought i would get the most responses here...
I'm planing to buy a new configuration in the next month so i would like to do a good one. So i would like you to help me out and point out if any of the parts i list here are going to be problematic or something like that... i would appriciate replies very much...

The configuration is:
mainboard: ASUS A7V133-C Via 133A (the one without RAID)
CPU: AMD athlon 1.2GHz or 1.33GHz (the 266BUS of course)
RAM: 512MB PC133
Case: big tower 400W
CD/RW 8X 4X 36X
HDD IBM 40GB 7200RPM, 2MB cache + hdd cooler

ok and now we arrive to trhe problematic part.. the graphic card.. i've narrowed it down to 2 choices:
1.ASUS V7700 GeForce2 GTS 32MB
2.MSI StarForce 831 (MS-8831) GeForce2 Pro 64MB

thx in advance,
Setup looking good! What are you gonna use to cool down that T-Bird?

I think you should get the MSI vidcard, because the PRO is faster than the GTS
Forget the KT133A and go DDR. Consider the Shuttle AK31 or Epox 8KHA. They are very capable KT266 motherboards for around $100. Both have all the overclocking controls in the BIOS and are nice and stable.

a few follow up questions...

what DDR board would you reccomend highly... i mean a really fast one... i'm not looking for the integrated solutions because i'll buy all separatley...

oh and btw is there any DDR board by ASUS (with the KT266 chipset) because i really like the company... they have nice and reliable products....
and if you think ASUS is not the way to go what is??

oh and DDR is still pretty expensive here... i know i gain something but how much?? because i was thinking of going to 1GB or at least 512MBytes


Oh and the cooling solution... a water cooled system with a copper passive coller along with a giant fan on top of that... the whole thing is about 16-18 cm high :)