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YS Tech Case fan

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Apr 7, 2001
Ireland, Belfast
I have a 80mm case fan which says YS Tech on it is this any good, i plan on using it on the back of my nidi tower case as an exsuset fan for my duron 750 set-up.

Before you add an exhaust fan, do you have an intake fan equal to or greater than the exhaust fan? That would be to supply the air the exhaust fan, in parallel with the fan in your PSU, draws out.

No i dont have an intake fan, do i really need one (as the shops in my area do not sell much fans, although it does have a fan called a 'Front Bay Case Fan' for £10 is this an intake fan) also can i not just get another exhaust fan and put that at the front and trun it so that it takes air in instaed of blowing it out.

you already have an exhaust fan in the form of the psu fan so I would use that as an intake fan, if you wanted more fans they aren't expensive, most online stores sell quiet 30cfm or so fans for about £4 and the slightly better 45cfm range for around £5-6, you can't beat a case full of fans, it's like a party in your pc.
Invite enough of them over and you'll definately get the neighbors calling the cops for too much noise! :D
Try to get the same fan again, as an intake fan.
This should equalize air pressure within your case and give you a good airflow also
The Y.S. Fans are fine..I use two 60 mm on my heatsink
I don't know how case fans bought locally fare against those bought from etailers in the UK. In the US, local retailers lose this argument easily. At least in my area. Most of them don't know what a fan is, much less sell them. One local retailer sells 80mm's however, they are wimpy--but then again, they're cheap.

Most cases are pre-punched with 80mm fan mounts. Unfortunately, two 80mm's(1 intake/1 exhaust) are no longer sufficient for overclocked boxen. If you're NOT running an overclocked T-Bird, two high powered 80mm's can do the trick. The catch is that you need to remove the blockage, in the form of the cutesy patterns of holes that cover fan mounts and interfere with good airflow. Unless you have money to spare for a brand new box with ALL the things that must go into it, you must remove everything from a case before cutting the blockage away. Then the case must be cleaned very carefully before putting the components back into it. One particle of steel dust can ruin your machine.