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YS Tech TMD 70mm vs. Tt Smart Fan II on SLK-800

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Jun 15, 2002
I heard that the Tt Smart Fan II does not efficiently direct air to the center of the HS so it is not a good fan for the SLK-800. I'm running a Tt Smart Fan II @ 3700rpm on my SLK-800 which is the most noise I can tolerate. I was wondering if it would be worth it to replace it with a YS Tech TMD 70mm fan, since that fan is quiet and does a better job of directing air to the center of the HS?
those fans were defective i've heard. i dont know if they fixed them but keep what you have unless you get a 7v tornado or something
Yeah, there was definitely a recall on them, but I still see a ton of places selling them. I am not sure if they just aren't aware of it or if the problem with them spinning out of control has been solved.

In any event, I opted for a Tornado. It's definitely a "you had better keep your case closed" HSF. With the case side open, it's absolutely ridiculous, but amazingly, it's not bad at all inside a closed case even without the 7V mod or rheo. It dropped my load temps 5C over the original Tt SmartFan (50CFM), both on an MCX4000.
I don't know about the YS tech fan, but wouldn't it be better if you got a 80mm instead of a 70mm one? There is more area for the air to move through, and therefore you'd get just as much air moving with less rpm's meaning less noise. But since you already have a 80mm fan, maybe you should get a 120mm adaptor, and just run a quiet but strong 120mm fan on it, just don't be surprised if the temps go up a few degrees after doing this.

big_bertha said:
you mean down :)

No, I meant a raise in temps. Basing on what I've found at this forum, most people here get a raise in temps from putting an adaptor on their heatsink and they ruled it down to a few reasons. One is that the fan is no longer pushing air straight into the heatsink, therefore the air doesn't have the force it would have to push away the hot air the heatsink generates. Another reason is the fact that there will be a backpressure building up at the end the adaptor due to the hole being smaller on that side. There is also a problem of the larger dead spot on the fan, and the fact that a funnel adaptor causes friction, all this preventing direct airflow to the heatsink. I'm not saying you're definitely going to get higher temps, you could get lower since it's different for every person. However, most here have gotten a raise in temps. The only reason I suggested the adaptor was because he was more interested in noise than performance, and that is what the adaptors are good at, a lower noise.
well if you have a 130cfm fan with an adapeter i still think the temps will be better than even an 80cfm tornado
Well, all the stink about the TMD fans is that the hub is so small from no windings that the "dead spot" in the middle is much smaller, making it as "effective" as a larger fan (and the air can more closely reach the middle of the sink). If they ever did make an 80 or 92mm anyway, that would probably be awesome (assuming they get the issues out of the way first ;)

Personally, I think a 120mm fan on a sink is a waste....at least in a mid-tower case....maybe even in a full tower. Not even mentioning the weight hanging 3"-4" off of the mobo, that has got to just completely disrupt the air flow in the case, first from it's sheer size (don't we all spend time/money on rounding cable/tidying wires to promote unhindered flow?) and second from the amount of air it's blowing around inside the case. Depending what kind of CFM going into and of the case, that would definitely be a good candidate for why temps increase with such a huge HSF.

I certainly haven't done any testing, but even with like a 53CFM HSF and 60CFM in and 60CFM out of the case, I noticed that everything ran cooler with the HSF rheo turned down. Now with an 80CFM HSF and 105 in/110 out, it's just fine with the HSF on full.

I guess the point I am trying to make is if you have a 120CFM HSF, you had better have strategically placed intake/exhaust fans with enough flow to remove all the hot air it expels and replace it with more cool air than it needs. I say strategically placed because with the amount of space that fan would take up in a case, I am pretty sure that the low/front/in, top/back/out "wind tunnel" theory is totally out the window ;)

I dunno...just my thoughts.

BTW, I tried both a 70mm Tt fan off of a Vol 7+ and a 80mm SmartFan (the original one) on my MCX4000 with absolutely no difference in temps for idle or load. I didn't time cool downs, so maybe the 80mm has an advantage in that respect.
Hmm... Pretty soon we're gonna be needing an entire half of the motherboard clear of capacitors just to mount the damn heatsinks.
good point about the fans, but i have 2 120's blowing air over the mobo and pci slots bringing in 20*c air and a 120 on the top for exhaust (plus a few other 92's and 80's) so i have good airflow in my case.
At first I thought the smart fan 2 wasn't good either. But after getting artic silver 3 and setting the hs correctly, I have no complaints.

I can idle at 38C at full speed of the fan. Also, my air circulation inside my case is not that good (but i'm working on that). Why not get this fan instead of the tornado so you can turn it down when you are not folding or doing some extreme gaming? Unless of course you have extra money to spend on a rheo for a tornado.

And I like the orange. And with the probs of the YS tech fan save your money and stick with what you have. I think it looks neato. Just my two cents.

Also, Paulie I don't think you posted your temps. What would they be for you?
Yeah, I think the SmartFan 2 is a good option to the Tornado, especially if you can set the temp probe between the mobo and CPU. Supposedly the wires are small enough to do that and fit between the pins, but P4 pins are *really* small and close together.

I honestly just could not get myself to like the orange color of the fan and for it's specs, I really, really tried :)

It's difficult to find an 80mm fan that will beat the SF2 spec-for-spec AND have built-in control. The SF2 is only 25mm thick, flows within 10CFM of the Tornado, is 6dB more quiet at full blast, and is controllable either automatically or manually. I really think the SF2 is probably a prime choice for a HSF.

I've heard that on some sinks, fans work better if they are not directly on the heatsink, but rather .25"-.5" above it to give some room for the air to straighten out. Also, dig around the forums. Some sinks seem to work better with the fan pulling air off of the sink rather than blowing on to it. I am not sure if the SLK-800 is one of them, but for some reason, I think it is.

In short, I think you have a pretty good HSF there. I would play around with it and see what helps. And yes, what are your temps?