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Z400 thermal sensor

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Z490? What board, exactly?

Thar said, no external probe replaces the internal sensor on the cpu. I'm a bit confused here honestly. Not sure why you're concerned with its accuracy....? What am I missing?

Edit: Also, it's a NAS, which isn't cpu heavy in the first place...so the clu shouldn't get hot.;)
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hey the senser can shut down the cpu if its not present on the mother board if i understand right.
HP z400 ..................586968-001 model #...............

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HP has a lot of proprietary things you have to work around like PSU adapter and adapter for fan header, also IO shield made to back-plate thus making cooling difficult too.
I dont know if that is a requirement or not. Neither sensor you listed reads the cpu...they read air temps. I highly doubt the pc will shutdown due to air temps.

If I was you, I would contact HP and ask if it is required, or try using the unit without and see if you have problems.