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Zalman fans

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ArBiTaL 24

There is no spoon
Aug 17, 2002
I was recently looking into new HSF's, and was looking at a zalman silent(HERE ), but noticed it's low RPM. Does this mean that this cooler it JUST based on volume? if so, am i better off looking at something like THIS , which is cheaper but has higher RPM? volume means nothing to me... :rolleyes:
Thanx, ArBiTaL24.


Jul 3, 2001
Houston Texas
Hey welcome to the forums!!! It would really help if you could get up system specs...That said there are some very knowledgable people around here that would be happy in assisting you choose a heatsink and fan combination that would serve you purpose very well. But without knowing the motherboard and processor you are using it is kind of hard to help you out. I personally do not care for the Zalman's. They look cool but do not rate very well in heatsink shoot outs. There are many such articles at www.tomshardware.com and here on the homepage. Do some research and you will get a better idea of what really works and what just looks good. Good Luck !!!

Captain Slug

Helpful Senior Member
May 23, 2001
Asteroid B-612
The Zalman fans are good deals simply because they include both a REALLY powerful fan and a 7v reduction dongle which you can remove if you need more power.

But if you want something quiet and powerful your second option is better. I like to use the Zalman fans for case fans because it leaves me with one more option when the need to upgrade arises.


Jul 21, 2002
N.E Scotland
I currently have that zalman heatsink and fan combo and to be honest I don't rate it at all. It is not as silent as I would like even at slowest fan setting. I am just about to replace the zalman for an ax7 with a low cfm, extremely low dB fan which I think will be much better than the zalman combo. Check this out it should help. http://www.silentpcreview.com/goto.php?t=s&id=47&a=1.