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.zip,.rar password encrpytion

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Feb 16, 2002
I was just wondering when create a .zip or.rar with a password what bit of encryption is it using ? 128-bit 256-bit ? whats it using ?
WinRAR says.......

ZIP format uses a proprietary encryption algorithm. RAR archives are encrypted by the much stronger AES-128 standard. If you need to encrypt important information, it is better to select the RAR archive format. For real security use passwords of at least 8 characters in length. Do not use words of any language as passwords, it is better to choose a random combination of characters and digits. Note that passwords are case sensitive. Remember that if you lose your password, you will unable to retrieve the encrypted files.........

WinZIP says.....

WinZip® uses the industry standard Zip 2.0 encryption format. Password protecting files in a Zip file provides a measure of protection against casual users who don't have the password and are trying to determine the contents of your files. The Zip 2.0 encryption format, however, is not as secure as DES and the RSA public key formats used by programs such as PGP, and does not provide absolute protection against determined individuals with advanced cryptographic tools.

Note: there are two reasons why WinZip does not implement a more secure encryption format: (1) a different format would not be compatible with the Zip 2.0 standard, so other Zip utilities would not be able to decrypt the files, and (2) there are currently severe U.S. government restrictions on the export of encryption technology. If you require strong encryption, we recommend you use a specialized encryption software instead of the Zip 2.0 encryption format.