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ZZF newsletter: Corsair VX450 $45 ($30MIR) 9800GT $100+SH ($20MIR) Coolermaster Case

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Magical Leopluridon Senior
Nov 28, 2001
in a magical field
ZZF newsletter: Corsair VX450 $45 ($30MIR) 9800GT $100+SH ($20MIR) Coolermaster Case

Listed in order of hotness (imo :p)

Corsair VX450 PSU. 75.99 - $30 MIR = 45.99 FREE S&H
Great PSU that, despite our love of high power PSUs, could realistically run most single-card single-HD systems out there.
Better deal from buy.com VX450 for $40 after MIR, free shipping, or 2nd day express shipping for $5 = $45.48

XFX 9800GT. 129.99 - $10 coupon code -$20 MIR = 99.99+S&H
Coupon code SDL9177. You might need to be a newsletter subscriber to use the code.
Looks like it has a bit of a weak cooler but in reality the 8800GT/9800GT heatsinks aren't 'full coverage' under the hood anyway I believe.

Coolermaster Elite 330 case 39.99 -$10 MIR = 29.99+S&H
S&H hurts this deal but the case is pretty good for a budget case. I have one of these for a server, chosen because it has decent cooling and lots of HD spaces for a mid-tower, just be sure to have a 120mm fan for front intake. The materials are thin/cheap but that's why the case is cheap, otherwise build quality is good and good filtering across the front panel.
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Nov 15, 2005
Camarillo, CA!
hmm how is corsair with their rebates? my HTPC desperatly needs a new 12v rail biased psu.... running it off an older 5v biased 350w enermax psu....


Jun 16, 2007
I must say the VX450 is a good deal. solid 12v rail on that one, worth more than some 500W+. Oh I did bunch RAM based corsair rebates got everyone so far.


Aug 24, 2007
I had a $40 rebate on some Corsair memory, sent the rebate a few days before Christmas, waited a while, it showed as received on the status website, a while later no check, so I called, they said it was denied because it was postmarked after the expiration period. They said it was postmarked mid-January, I know I mailed it before Christmas though. I told the rep that, and they said 'no problemo, your check is in the mail' and I got it a few days later.. Not horrible.