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Hi Edward,
I know you arent as active on the forums as you once were, (who is these days?)but your the first person i thought of.
I have a friend that is looking for an inexpensive
pressure differential meter / manometer sensitive enough to measure static pressure of our fans .. so needs to be accurate to at least 0.1mm H2O from 0.0-5.0mmH2O. You are the only person i know of that has the required expertise and experience to give a solid suggestion. So im hoping you may have an idea of what might work or even where to find something suitable?
I hate to bother you but i dont know of anyone else to ask this kind of question lol.
Stay safe!
I saw your reply to a person looking for a 1070.
I’m looking to upgrade my daughter’s rig. Her 980 died. And i have a back up 770 in it.
So 970 or better would be great!