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Free Disk Analyzer is one of the better ways to unclog your disk of old, unwanted files.

I reviewed some disk analyzer programs earlier which helped me to unclog a friend’s PC. I came across Free Disk Analyzer and I have to say it’s a bit easier to use than the others due to the way it displays information.



For whatever reason, displaying data in bar chart form works better for me than the others. It’s also a bit more “recognizable” in that it follows basic Windows display formatting rather than using blobs or pie charts. Using FDA, I quickly found a huge block of old, useless data that could be erased, first drilling down to Local Settings…



…then quickly finding internet files from Internet Explorer 5 (!!) from FIVE years ago! This is on my travel PC with a 20 GB HD, so space is always at a premium:



You can also quickly find files using the “Largest Files” tab…



…or using the “Largest Folders” tab:



There is an Options tab which allows saving results…



…Filtering results (handy for large image and music files)…



…and Language:



Free Disk Analyzer is a keeper and as usual, the price is right – freeware. Taking 5 or 10 minutes to get rid of old files is a an easy way to improve performance – the program is an 11.4 MB download. Kudos to Extensoft for a great job!

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