Freeware to analyze and benchmarks your system hardware

Fresh Diagnose

Look no further than Fresh Diagnose. This program not only benchmarks your system hardware, it also provides easy and accurate information on system software, resources, and processes. Fresh Diagnose is completely free, easy to use, and provides ready access to vital system information. An uninstaller is included,and the publisher provides free regular program updates and enhancements. The help file is somewhat limited, but the interface makes it pretty easy to find your way around. This is a handy tool for computer users of all levels.

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#1-TuffTEST-Lite 1.53

Having trouble surfing lately and your ISP swears it’s not his fault? The cause could be your PC’s basic hardware (i.e. flaky memory, hard drive, CPU, etc.). If you really want to know, check out this FREE PC diagnostics utility. It’s very easy to use and is specifically designed for end users who want to rigorously test their PC’s basic hardware before calling for professional help. This version adds support for troubleshooting Pentium 4-based & compatible AMD-based PCs, DDR & RDRAM, large IDE & SCSI hard drives and numerous minor enhancements & fixes. Self-booting with its own operating system.

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Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor shows all the hardware and software installed on your PC right in your Web browser. You will see personalized advice on how well software and hardware products will work with your computer, along with a detailed description of your computer profile. All of your profile information is kept in privacy on your PC and is not sent to a Web server. This version has been optimized to report more detailed information about your PC. The new version enhances discovery of more system types, including your software serial numbers. This version adds discovery and verification of Microsoft HotFixes.

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Fresh UI

Although Fresh UI can tweak and optimize dozens of Windows interface and system features, it’s not for beginners. Some of its features could use better descriptions, and a few well-placed wizards could greatly simplify some of the more involved tasks. However, use the software’s simple system backup and you can test all the tweaking tools without fear. Among the long list of features are the ability to add new items to any right-click menu, to dictate what launches at start-up, and to swap mouse-button functions. Other applications can help you change the look of Windows, but, to tinker with what’s under the hood, Fresh UI offers a solid set of innovative tools.

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Intel Application Accelerator

The Intel Application Accelerator is a performance software package for Intel desktop and mobile PCs. It reduces the storage sub-system bottleneck, enabling faster delivery of data from the hard drive to the processor and other system level hardware. This software provides accelerated disk I/O for games, graphics applications, disk utilities, and media authoring applications. Intel Application Accelerator enables a performance-enhancing data pre-fetcher for Intel Pentium 4 processor-based systems and delivers faster overall system boot times by significantly accelerating the load time of the OS – enabling you to build Pentium 4 processor-based systems with a better overall end-user experience.

“Customers who are currently using the Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver can upgrade to the Intel Application Accelerator for the latest enhancements and updates. Intel Application Accelerator has replaced the Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver.

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