Gadwin Printscreen Freeware Screen Capture Program

Gadwin’s freeware screen capture utility is a great “quick and dirty” app.

There a lots of freeware screen capture programs around and I came across this one which should appeal to anyone wanting a one-click app. You have an option to launch the program when Windows boots up – then hit the “Print Screen” key and you have an image. There are options to customize it to your needs as shown below:


The opening screen gives a number of choices, including how you might want to launch a capture – here it’s with the PrintScreen key:


You can customize the capture area – I like the Rectangular Area option which allows me to capture an area of the screen by clicking on one side, then dragging the mouse to the opposite side – very easy!



Where do you want it saved, naming etc:



You also have options on image formats – I always use jpgs; note that you can re-size the image but not on the fly:



Overall a small utility that can reside in the background for screen captures can be quite useful – a very nice piece of freeware!

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