Gaming Issues

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Hello, my name is Vlad and I consider myself a gamer. Yes, a gamer … that means I come home from school and stick in front of the computer for hours, playing my favorite game online with my friends and enemies. I play this game called Warcraft III and I like it because of its great scene and competition.

Like any other gamer, I do my best to win and of course, I have my issues that make winning only a possibility, not a fact. I don’t say that all my losses are related to these issues, but they have a very important role in achieving my precious victory.

First of all, the internet connection is the most important thing, because without a decent connection you are dead. Consider two players with the same or almost the same skill level. One of them has a 2 MB connection; that means he has no lag, his unit’s responds immediately at his commands, he can focus 100% at the game.

The other player has a dial-up connection, so guess what: there is a delay between his commands and the unit’s response; the poor guy has these spikes and lag that make his army look like “Dance of the Robots”. Nevertheless, he can get disconnected from the game at any moment. A gamer’s worse scenario is getting disconnected from a game he is winning, especially versus a high-rated opponent.

Secondly, the gaming gear (mouse, keyboard, headset, etc) is a very important factor in a gamer’s “career”, especially at the professional level. We all know that fans attract sponsors, sponsors attract good players and good players attract fans.
This is the circle of the gaming scene, and it will remain this way as long as someone has a financial interest.


For example, if a player wins an important competition using a Razer Diamondback mouse and Sony headphones, a lot of gamers will buy those stuff just because they think that the Razer mouse made the champion react faster and the Sony headphones made him “hear” the enemy better.

Also, the biggest teams in the Warcraft III scene, like Four-Kings(4K), Schroet Kommando(SK), World Elite(WE), have as their sponsors important companies like Intel, ATI, Shuttle and so on. The sponsorship consists in gaming gear, good internet connection, but sometimes good players can get money or LAN support (the sponsor pays for all the costs needed to get the player at the location of the event).

Of course, maybe it’s not the internet connection, maybe it isn’t the slow mouse or the “rusty” headphones that are preventing me to achieve the desired record. Maybe it’s just my skill, my capacity of learning and understanding this game, which cannot get any better than this and I keep on blaming everything else but my brain.

Happy gaming,

Vlad Suciu – Romania


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