Gateway Server

I have ordered one of the Gateway computers, and thought you might be
interested in some specifics I got from a Gateway rep and an engineer he
pulled in. I have posted to the forum also, but you might want to note some
of this on the site too, as you see fit.

1. The board only takes ECC memory. The configuration menus don’t mention
this, but most servers use ECC so I asked. It CANNOT accept non ECC memory.

2. The onboard SCSI controller is dual channel, but not hardware RAID
capable. It is made by LSI (just checked the maker again, definite on LSI),
NOT Adaptec. I bounced the maker of the SCSI controller off of one of our
network engineers, who shrugged and thought nothing exceptional or bad about

3. The power supply is a standard ATX model, not a proprietary thing. If
you wanted to fill the sucker with devices, there would be no problem
replacing it with another ATX supply (I am wary of special components made
for the big companies, especially Compaq).

4. The hard drive description threw me a bit; I had never heard of “NSCA”
before. All that means is that it is “Not SCA”; it’s a standard 68 pin SCSI
connection with a power plug.

5. The machine has 3 exposed 5″ bays, 2 exposed 3″ bays, and 4 internal
bays (?memory jog, think were 3″ bays inside?)

6. All the various correspondence I have gotten in the ordering process say
“This computer is for business use”.

The price is NOT a misquote. The reason for the low price is the lack of an
operating system. When I first called, the rep initially quoted me
something like $1800, but that was because they were including Win2K Server
with 5 licenses. The rep CONFIRMED that this was not a typo, and was happy
to sell the computer at that price.

Hope this is useful

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