Get 100°F Cooler With No Moving Parts

Yessiree: No fans, no pumps, no electricity or refrigerants, compact, lightweight, highly reliable, quiet operation, maintenance free and drops inlet temperature by up to 100°F. Yes, you can blow sub zero air at your heat sink from something not much larger then a lighter or cool your whole case if you want to go bigger. Expensive, but consider there is nothing to break and lasts forever.

Nay: Frost, condensation buildup and you have to run an air line from an air compressor from your garage or basement.

The following description from Vortec explains how it works:

How a Vortex Tube Works

“Fluid (air) that rotates around an axis (like a tornado) is called a vortex. A Vortex Tube creates cold air and hot air by forcing compressed air through a generation chamber which spins the air centrifugally along the inner walls of the Tube at a high rate of speed (1,000,000 RPM) toward the control valve. A percentage of the hot, high-speed air is permitted to exit at the control valve.

The remainder of the (now slower) air stream is forced to counterflow up through the center of the high-speed air stream, giving up heat, through the center of the generation chamber finally exiting through the opposite end as extremely cold air.

Vortex tubes generate temperatures down to 100°F below inlet air temperature.

A control valve located in the hot exhaust end can be used to adjust the temperature drop and rise for all Vortex Tubes.”

Richard Orlick

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