Getting Out Of Hand

Some comments about the Aberdeen White Paper and its criticisms of AMD. — Philip Lee Willson

I am a computer consultant for many businesses. While I’ve been generally recommending AMD lately. I try to remain neutral between Intel and AMD to best serve my clients’ best interests.

I have recently read the Aberdeen White Paper, and found it informative but heavily flawed in favor of Intel.

Personally I believe that both the PR and GHz ratings are flawed! I think PR is flawed because it changes as software does. On the other hand, Intel’s chips are flawed because they have to use long pipelines and do less work to get the MHz that they do.

I propose and challenge Intel, AMD and others involved in this business to put away your differences and create an independent standardized rating system for the both of you.

I also challenge the so-called independent review sites. The so-called independents need to take heed of what the white paper has shown: that “independent analysis” can be easily bought. To stay independent, you have to stay true to what you are, not some company.

To be independent is to be open-minded and truthful!

To be independent means laying out all the facts, so the people can decide how well you interpret them, or interpret them on their own. This white paper is a testament that you so-called “independents” can clearly be biased by being bought.

I do applaud those who have truly stayed independent and deliver news and reviews where any bias is in favor of the audience, not some manufacturer. They provide good comparisons by reviews both similiar products (to show which is the best now), and comparing old to new (to see how much improvement you’d get for your money).

I know my thoughts and opinions will be challenged, questioned and probably corrected. That is right and just.

I just ask you to see past any minor mistakes and ask yourself if I’m wrong in thinking that matters are getting out of hand, that this whole business is getting corrupted, that this hurts us, that we need to do something about it, and that we also need to do something those who won’t.

(Ed. note: In the current scheme of things, this is of course ridiculous. These folks are out to make money, not be accurate. Things will only change when the only way to make money is to be accurate.–Ed)

Philip Willson

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