Getting The Quiet Ones To Talk

Normally, when we do polling, they tend to be focused on AMD users.

The reason for that is pretty simple, most overclockers overclock AMD chips.

Another is that compared to AMD fans, Intel fans are . . . subdued, always have been. They just don’t carry on like AMDroids do. Not to say people like that don’t exist, but for example, I can only recall one instance of someone writing to say, “How much is AMD paying you to say what you say?” while AMDroids ask or say the equivalent . . . rather more often than that.

Even when I say less than complimentary things about PressHot, the response I tend to get from the long-time Intel adherents tends to be mournful agreement more than anything else. In contrast, when I suggest that AMD is sodomizing us price-wise, AMDroids start telling me how good sodomy is. 🙂

In any event, it’s time we give the non-squeaky wheel some grease and see what the quiet overclockers have to say.

Who Should Answer This

If your current or main machine uses an Intel processor, I would like you to answer this poll. Otherwise, please don’t (if AMDers want to send comments, fine, but don’t answer the questions, I want to get a rough idea how many Intelers there are out there).

Please send your responses to the email addresses linked below only.

The Poll

1) Please list the type and default speed of the Intel processor you use (i.e. Celeron 566, PIII 866MHz, PIV Willamette 1.8, PIV Northwood 2.4C, etc.)

2) To what extent do you consider yourself an Intel fan?

a) Not much; I just go with what is better for me at the time I buy.

b) I normally go Intel, but I wouldn’t have too much of a problem shifting to AMD if the situation called for it.

c) I almost always or always go with Intel, and I would have a pretty big problem shifting to AMD.

d) There is no way I buy AMD over Intel.

3) Why do you prefer Intel over AMD?

a) I really don’t have any real preference.
b) I bought AMD before and didn’t like what happened.

c) I find that you can overclock Intel chips more than AMD chips.

d) I think Intel makes a better product than AMD.

e) I think Intel is a more reliable, dependable company than AMD.

f) I can’t put my finger on it, but I just feel more comfortable using Intel rather than AMD.

g) I’ve never seriously considered buying from AMD.

4) Given Intel’s problems with Prescott and its cancellation of Tejas, what do you think will be your next computing upgrade?

a) I need a new system soon, and I don’t know what to do.

b) I need a new system soon, and I guess I’ll end up with an old Northwood.
c) I need a new system soon, and I hope they fix up Prescott a bit, or introduce a Dothan desktop chip soon.

d) I’ll probably end up with an AMD system.
e) I can wait until 2005; I’ll compare Intel and AMD then.
f) Dothan dual-core, baby!

5) How do you feel about Intel’s problems with Prescott and its cancellation of Tejas

a) Disgusted and angry.
b) Pretty disappointed
c) Fairly neutral to a bit disappointed.
d) At least they owned up to their problem, and did what had to be done.
e) I like their new plans better than the old.

Again, please send your responses to the email address linked below:


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