Gexcube Radeon 9600XT Heatsink Mod

How to get your video card and its heatsink together – Raimondas Rimkus

Here you can see my modded Gexcube Radeon 9600XT Extreme Edition 128 MB (Sorry for the bad picture quality):


I heard other people have cooling problems with this card. The problem here was that the whole heatsink, covering GPU and RAM, was held on by two tiny springs. It’s not strange that there was an air gap between the RAM and heatsink – it measured about 0.1 – 0.05mm.

I tried thermal paste – it didn’t work; the gap was too large to fill with paste alone. The PC still crashed after playing some time at higher resolutions. The first thing I saw that could fix this problem were these huge clamps. They cost only about $1. The big problem here is that they weigh A LOT and they take 4 PCI slots! The only good thing is that they get the job done: Keeping the heatsink on the RAM chips.


If you try to do this, note that there have to be heatsinks covering other side of the RAM chips. It won’t be very good to put this directly on the PCB or RAM chips.


Raimondas Rimkus – Lithuania

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