Giving Head

Matrox introduced the G550 today. Not exactly noteworthy for a largely gamer audience, except for a bizarre videoconferencing feature called Headcasting. Here’s how it works:

  • You get a 3D picture made of your head.
  • You find another fool with a 3D picture of their head.
  • You give each other your heads.
  • When you talk to each other, only video information of your lips is sent.
  • You watch each other’s lips move.

    Talk about talking heads! Max Headroom, here we come!

    I am not making this up. See for yourself.

    This is ludicrous.

    You have two possible reasons to want videoconferencing:

  • To see Grandma (or other loved ones)
  • You want to see the guy you’re trying to conduct business with and watch body language.

    This fails both tests:

  • You want to see Grandma, not a model of Grandma’s head with moving lips. That sounds vaguely obscene.
  • How much body language can you read from somebody’s lips?

    Who in God’s name would ever use this on a regular basis (cute little novelty trick, yes, but long-term)?

    Are we depraved video junkies or what?

    Is there someone out there who thinks I’ve missed the boat and finds this a major advance for civilization?

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