Global Win Product Preview

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SUMMARY: A preview of four very different heatsinks from Global WIN.

The good guys at Global WIN sent me a handful of heatsinks to test out – I thought you’d like a preview of what’s in the hopper. These are very different from what I’ve seen from Global WIN.

Global Win TAK38

Well look here – a twin fan unit with a mounting system that is very, very nice! The TAK68 locks onto all three socket lugs and uses a screw to tighten things down. This should avoid any problems due to off-axis heatsink mounting. In addition, the screw should exert enough pressure for any CPU around – a nice job!

Global Win CAK38

Another technology new to Global WIN – a copper skived heatsink. This comes in two versions – one with a high speed fan and one with a thermostatically controlled fan (more heat, more rpms).

Global Win SAK38

Another clip that grabs three lugs – about time! What you don’t see is the base – a copper insert similar to Alpha. In fact, this is an aluminum forging – another technology not seen with Global WIN.

Global Win CDK38

Last is a prototype – the CDK38 is a copper forging featuring smooth pins. Alpha fans – notice the clip – very Alpha-like. Makes one wonder if Alpha is doing some Private label work these days.

We’ll be testing these over the next week, so stay tuned for results. Overall, a very interesting crop of new products from Global WIN.

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