Going Nuts

Here`s my tongue-in-cheek version of my experiences with the K7TPro2A

I design and build custom systems for a computer distributor, from the
basic to the full blown units.

I decided to try this board as I keep my personal systems for only a month
and it was time to build another one. Obtained and installed the board using all SCSI equipment.

Halfway through WIN2000 installation, up comes the dreaded blue screen
with the message “Hardware error detected.”

Tried again and the same message came up at the same spot.

Switched to Ennermax 550 watt power supply as I was using a retail 1.1
gig Thunderbird. Same result.

Removed all SCSI equipment and tried IDE. Same result.

Removed TBird and tried 750 Duron. Same message.

Tried all different components as I have them all within easy reach. No

System then started booting by itself and continued doing so. Could no longer even attempt to load 2000 as it kept rebooting.

Immediately returned it and was handed a brand new one which I immediately installed.

Started loading WIN2000 and started feeling good.

In the identical spot as the previous board up comes the dreaded blue
screen with the hardware error detected message.

At least something’s consistent with this board. 🙂

Went through the whole rigamarole once again, no luck.

Cleared CMOS and started once again and got 2000 loaded.

Then system refuses to shut down on the command and has to be done so

Tried a new installation of 2000, going through the error detected
message, resetting the CMOS to get it completed, and now would shut down
on command about a third of the time.

Decided to let it remain running and plugged in the speakers.

Popped in a CD, music starts playing and then stops.

Checked system and found that all of the onboard sound drivers had

Reinstalled, music came on and after 5 seconds stopped only to be
replaced by a high pitched whine through the speakers. (Ed. note: I’m
getting this, too, on occasion).

Removed motherboard and with my test equipment found a leaking

Unable to replace as Microstar has installed capacitors with no value
written on them. I guess it must be a state secret.

In a 48 hour period I have received 2 duds.

My hairline has receded 1/4 inch.

My bald spot is now conspicuously larger.

I now have 376 more grey hairs.

This is not what I had in mind for Christmas.

So I have repackaged the motherboard in it`s pretty box and BACK IT GOES.

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