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How to make two modems act as one and get higher throughput — Treker.

I’ve been stuck with a slow modem connection for quite a while now – nothing else around here is offered other than 56k modem lines. Given this fact, I’ve decided to make the best of it!

I’ve been reading about multilinking modems and found a few brief articles on how this is accomplished, but nothing that seemed to work for me.

I could get everything installed and properly configured, but as soon as I tried to connect with the second modem, it would get disconnected. It turns out my ISP does not like this very much 🙂

Then I had an idea – I have two internet accounts. If I could only make it stop prompting for a user name and password on the second modem, I would be in good shape. I remembered being able to do this a long time ago when my ISP used scripts for its dial up service (before 56k came along).

I dug around the mess in my computer room and found a 4-5 year old CD that I originally used to get online; Yes! It still had the old script on it – Great!

With out further ado, I pop in the CD, copy over the script and give it a shot…Ack! Whats this? Seems my server has gone to encrypting all of the data and it would be useless to try and script in.

Back to the drawing board. After looking around the net with a few of my favorite search engines, I manage to find a program that promises to let you connect dual modems even with different ISP’s – Great!

After a long wait (really hate this 56k), I finally get it all set up. The program I am using is called “MidPoint”. Let me tell you, this program is excellent!

I will remind you, however, that you will of course need 2 phone lines for this, with a line to each modem. You can use any two modems you have laying around. You will also need to have a second dial-up adapter installed in your Network Settings under the Control Panel.

BEFORE with One Modem


As you can see above, with just one 56k modem, I was only getting 36 kbps DOWN and 21 UP.

AFTER with Two Modems


I am now getting 78 kbps DOWN and 21 UP.

It isn’t the best mind you, but it is certainly a noticeable improvement and not bad for what one has to work with. Before I started all this, I was lucky if I could connect at 45k and keep her steady. I am now enjoying more than 2x faster speeds and tweaking her for more. Thought I would give you all a heads up on how to do this, as I found no help myself.

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