Ed Note: Eric had to repair a video card and needed help identifying a part; we posted his plea and our great readers rose to the task, as Eric writes below:

“Just wanted to let you know that you can amend the article to state that I have received plenty of Emails and Help! I have found Where & What part I need to buy, and How to install it!

I would also like to Send out my APPRECIATION for YOUR help too! I have listed some INFO below for you to also post in case someone else does the same thing – they will be able to see what to do on


Polymer Aluminum Radial Lead Ultra Low ESR
It’s Rating is 4 Volts, 560 µf Capacitor
I was told that you can use a HIGHER Volts, as long as the µF rating was the same!


Several places where mentioned, but I decided to go with a well known place for
Part# 493-1703-ND.

Thanks and ALL the People that make it what it is!

Eric – Zanesville, Ohio”

Original Article:

I got two emails from Eric. Eric has a problem. Let him show and tell you:

I have attached a picture of what I broke off my GeForce 4 ti4200 card I took a picture and circled what I broke. Can you tell me what this is and where I can get another one?


This locates where the broken-off item is on the board

The next email continues:

On top of whatever . . . has these numbers on top of it PS 271 560 4 V. A better picture is below! PLEASE HELP!


Can any of you identify the part (I gave it a quick search engine look, but came up with nothing), tell Eric where he can get a new one and/or tell him how to get it back in?

We’d appreciate anything you could do (and if you do have a fix, could you send me a copy of what you sent Eric)?




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