High Breds and Low Breds

Some people have written me saying that my description of the various TBredBs out there is more than a bit confusing.

This is quite understandable, it is confusing.

There are now two classes of TBredBs out there.

1) There are those TBreds that have a CPU code begins with “A” (AIUHB). These are the premier TBredBs that will reach the highest speeds, initial indications are they can get into the neighborhood of 2.4GHz with 1.85V and high-end air.

You will get one of these if you buy a 2400+ or better. The 2100+ Newegg TBredBs also fall into this category.

From now on, we’ll call them “high-end TBreds.”

Then there are those TBreds that have a CPU code beginning with “J” (JIUCB). These are the 1700+ and 1800+ CPUs for a little over $50. These CPUs do not appear to perform as well as the “A” chips under the same conditions.

For that reason, we’re going to call them the “low-end TBreds.”

We’ve updated our previous guides to telling these CPUs apart here and here.

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