Hoist By Their Own Petard?

Movie companies may in part be getting beat up by their own stick. –Ed

Just an evil thought.

A pretty common view heard in this neck of the woods is that corporations are inherently greedy, evil entities.

Not suggesting that this is the only or even major reason for people thinking this, but just how does the entertainment industry nowadays generally characterize corporations? Inherently greedy, evil entities.

When was the last time you saw a movie or TV show where a company saves the world? How many times have you seen one where the hero save the world from a company?

You see enough of the latter, it starts sinking in. A lot of people do (and have for a long time, this is nothing new) take a good chunk of their reality from what they see and hear from entertainment.

So when a Disney or Universal or the like show up asking for things like copy protection, they find themselves perceived by others as wearing the black hats. The irony is they helped dye them.

They’ve made themselves the Men in Black. 🙂

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