Hotrodding the Iwill KK266

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Ed Note: Cem Aygun runs a Turkish site called TurkOC*. His experience with the Iwill KK266 is illuminating. TurkOC* also developed a new TurkOC* KK266 Overclocking BIOS! I have not tried it yet, so if you have this board, use it at your own discretion.

We have been in a search for a “high bus speed” AMD solution (in other words, a good KT133A board). Unfortunately, due to a distributor change in Turkey, the Abit KT7A is not available here at the moment, and I doubt it will be available soon.

In the end, we discovered that we are stuck with only one option: IWILL
. Because of our former episodes with AOpen and MSI boards, we were at first reluctant to try that option. Soon, we couldn’t resist the
incredible appeal of high FSB overclocking and decided to give it a try.

As the bravest of our community, Ozgur was the first to try IWILL :-)))
(Regarding the pressure we put on him, and his ability to re-install
WinME in a few minutes, he was the only reasonable victim).

Well, as you put out in your latest articles, IWILL turned out to be
unbelievable (yeah, I am getting one too – hopefully tomorrow). We even
got beyond our “All Time FSB Overclocking” records – including the BX
chipset ones.

Iwill @ 162

At he moment, we are running a piece of APACER ram at 162 MHz FSB – CAS2 and all available ram options are set to max with our modded BIOS. Our Winfast GTS, which usually needs the AGP speed to be set to 2X (beyond 107 MHz FSB), runs at AGP 4X @ 159 MHz FSB. This board is really “too good to be true”.

The board’s original BIOS seems to lack a lot of options, especially the
ones about RAM timings. But, in fact, it has all the necessary stuff in it – though hidden. So we modded the BIOS to show all the available extras. The modded BIOS can be downloaded
HERE. Don’t forget to set the “BIOS-ROM Flash Protect” option to
“Flashable” in the “IWILL Smart Setting” menu before flashing; the default
value of this setting prevents flashing.

Some of our benchmarks are attached to to this mail, and like all my
previous mails, please feel free to share this with other fellow
overclockers on your site.

Be well,

Cem Aygun

Iwill 3D


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