How I Modified a Thermaltake Silver ORB

After examining the silver ORB for Socket A, I noticed it was pressed together, so I took it into my shop & disassembled it using a small press. After taking it apart, I had a machinist counter bore the lower portion of the heatsink where the fan would normally attach.


I then took it to a welder who welded a short piece of aluminum pipe to the base, capped it off & installed two 1/8 inch pipe thread bungs. He then X-rayed it to make sure the welds were tight.

I then took it home & pressure tested the water jacket with 100 psi of dry nitrogen; it held for over three hours. It was time to test it out. The mother board monitor is reading about 89 F for the CPU, ambient is 72 F and motherboard temp is 83 F.

All these temps were taken after playing Team Fortress for a couple of hours. Attached are some pictures I took after I was done testing it.

W. Pierce

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