How To Wall Mount Speakers For Less Than $5

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Like it says – Lowlypawn

I recently bought some Samson studio monitors for my computer and right away decided they need to be mounted on the wall. If you have ever shopped for speaker mounting kits you know they are very expensive. A shelf was out of the question because I wanted them angled down and towards me slightly.

So after a couple trips to Home Depot, I got this instead:


As you can see below, the bracket I ended up using was different, since I needed something stronger since the Samsons are rather heavy. I’m sure, though, that the top bracket seen above would work fine for the small computer speakers.

I drilled 5 holes in the bracket then laid it out on the speaker to where I wanted it. Drilled some pilot holes then screwed it to the speaker with 4 1″ course thread drywall screws.






Here they are mounted to the wall. When you mount them to the wall, make sure to screw the eye bolt into a stud.

The weight of the speaker caused them to angle down just the amount I wanted. Just bend the bracket if you want more or less angle. You can still angle the speakers horizontally even after the bolts have been tightened up. I used 2 nuts to ensure it never comes loose.


The Financial Damage

Two bolts


Two nuts


Four washers


Two screw eyes


Two brackets






Grand Total


Not too bad for under five bucks.

Thanks for reading!