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I’ll just quote from the horse’s mouth:

“With the production ramp in Fab 36 progressing on schedule, the company intends to make 90nm production shipments in the first quarter of 2006 and begin 65nm production by the end of 2006. AMD has set a goal to be substantially converted to 65nm in Fab 36 by mid-2007.”

Can you say delay? A minimum six month delay, for practical purposes, maybe more like a year for 65nm?

Intel, on the other hand, seems right on target to put out 65nm processors, even the prices have been set. Looks like Intel has a 12-18 month edge over AMD in 65nm to me. This also means Intel’s second-generation 65nm CPUs should show up before any 65nm AMD chips.

Maybe more to the point, though, why the hell do you build a brand new fab, then almost immediately start transitioning it (slowly) to 65nm?

There’s something wrong here. I’m not sure what, but I’m sure something is definitely not right here.



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