HWBOT OC Challenge May 2011: Update

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After months of HWBOT competitions where enough money to buy the finest overclocking gear would assure the top spot, the May dual socket competition has descended upon the heads of the mighty and meek alike. No longer will large amounts of capital give a clear edge. Many of the boards available to users do not allow for today’s “one touch overclocking” like you see in many boards. In fact, many have no features at all. If they do overclock, the secrets to make it so are closely guarded by a few dual socket enthusiasts. This means it comes down to tweaking and skill, a couple of items sorely missing in previous challenges.

As mentioned above,  the Hwbot OC Challenge is for dual CPU setups. Think, the SkullTrail platform for socket 771 (same gen as 775) and the Evga SR-2 motherboard (socket 1366) to name more modern implementations. The other sockets being used are socket 604 (Intel), 940 (AMD), 462 (Socket A, AMD), 370 (Intel P3 days), and socket F (AMD). The benchmark of choice for this challenge is Wprime 32! Putting all this horsepower together will surely show some great times for each benchmark and each generation of CPU.

Now that you know what its all about, it’s time to give these guys a pat on the back for their efforts. So far in the competition, 18 days in, we have a TWO MAN wrecking crew that have built a commanding lead that the other teams will be hard pressed to overcome. OCF’s very own Optytrooper and Torin3.  Of course, the competition isn’t over until May 31st, so let’s keep our collective fingers crossed to watch this tandem tear up the HWBOT OC Challenge for May in the name of Overclockers.com!


Congrats Opty and Torin, Keep up the good work!!!


~Earthdog / OptyTrooper

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