Hydrocool Hydro-Stream Waterblock – HS5

Waterblock Test – Joe

SUMMARY: Excellent performance, but needs a high power waterpump to shine.


The good guys at Hydrocool PTY Ltd were nice enough to send a Hydro-Stream waterblock to test – this is the HS5 version, which is the version with the highest pressure drop; the HS3 version is less so. (Note: Hydrocool PTY is an Australian based company and is NOT associated with Corsair Hydrocool).

The Hydro-Stream features

  • Polycarbonate connectors for ½” ID tubing
  • 100% pure silver base
  • Micro-channel copper interior
  • Polycarbonate top with color options
  • Quick and easy mounting clip

The mounting clip is a sheer joy – simply slip it over the socket’s lugs, rotate the lever and it’s securely in place; mounting pressure is centered over the CPU’s core, where it should be.

Inside the waterblock are small copper channels which are affixed to the silver base plate; the channels are closely packed and hence result in a high pressure drop. The large surface area does help performance quite a bit, as shown below.

The one concern I have in any waterblock that uses tightly constrained interior spacing is the possibility of clogging – adding a filter to a watercooling system will keep thing clear but can add substantially to the system’s pressure drop (alternative: place the filter on a separate loop powered by another pump).

The base is silver…


and quite thin – 0.5mm according to Hydrcool’s specs.


The Hydro-Stream was tested using the CPU Die Simulator and Waterblock Test Rig.


Test Conditions: Inlet Water Temp: 28.5 C; Mounting force: 15 pounds; Heat Load: 70 Watts.




Pressure Drop – psi

Pressure Drop – inches H2O





NOTE: These results are NOT comparable to tests done by others.
Unrounded data: 0.122 C/W with 0.0011 std dev.

Test Results indicate that the Hydro-Stream’s pressure drop (or head loss) across the waterblock is very high; resistance such as this means that Hydro-Stream needs a hefty waterpump to extract maximum performance, especially if other components in the system are restrictive.

I found that performance degraded by about 0.8ºC at a flow rate of 0.5 gpm and by an additional 0.4C at 0.3 gpm; I could not get a reading above 1 gpm as my test rig could not overcome the pressure drop above 1 gpm. Note that even at severely reduced flow rates, this waterblock performs quite well compared to others. Literature supplied by Hydrocool clearly states that the there is “Not much performance benefit [of waterflow rates] above 2L/min”.

For a comparison of the Hydro-Stream’s performance to other waterblocks tested to date, see Overclockers.com Waterblock Test Results.


The Hydro-Stream HS5 Waterblock is an excellent choice for CPU cooling, with the proviso that a large waterpump will be required for best performance, as long as other components do not unduly restrict waterflow.

Thanks again to Hydrocool PTY Ltd for sending this our way.

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