I Already Have To Call Redmond

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. . . everytime I buy any Microsoft game.

The CD check doesn’t work, so I’ve had to get a patch from MS for FS2k, FS2k second patch, Age of Empires II, and Mech Warrior 4.

Each time they promises it will be out soon and that they’ll send it to me when it’s ready.

They don’t, so I call back a week later only to start at square one.

The third time I called about Age of Empires II they wrote the freaking patch in less then 5 min. while I was on the phone!

I phoned for Mech Warrior 4, got the same song and dance so I just said screw it, found a cracked version of the .exe and never looked back.

Next time I’m just going to go straight for the crack.

Can’t wait to do this for EVERY MS program I buy, EVERYTIME I reinstall it.

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