I Need A Date

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The Horse That Wouldn’t Go Away

These Palominos just refuse to leave. It’s been almost six months since AMD stopped making them, but they’re still around.

This may or may not shed some light on when we might expect them to sell out and see TBreds replace them, but:

If, and ONLY if, you’ve bought a Palomino XP in the last month, could you please send me a note and tell me:

1) The rated speed of the CPU (i.e. 1600+, 1800+, etc.)
1) Where you bought it and
2) What week is indicated on the CPU.

You’ll find the week on the second line of print on the CPU. It will start with something like “AGOIA0213.” The 0213 part indicates the week, in this case, that the core was made the thirteenth week of 2002, or the end of March.




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