Icy Box 2.5″ HD Enclosure

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Attractive unit for portable data transfers – light and small – Joe

SUMMARY: Attractive unit for portable data transfers – light and small.


The good guys at Tagan were nice enough to send a sample of their 2.5″ HD external storage unit – the drive is protected by an attractive stainless steel case with a very nice graphic.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel body
  • LEDs for Drive Activity (red) and Power light (green)
  • Size 137 x 80 x 12 mm, weight 135 grams
  • Includes USB data and power cables, Manual, Vinyl carry case, screwdriver, polishing cloth and Driver Disk if needed


The back of the unit features an On/Off switch, power port and USB prot – the unit ships with a USB cable that can be used to power the drive from a USB port – I found that I did not need to use this as the power from my laptop’s USB port was sufficient to power the enclosure.


The top case slips off easily – it’s held in place by four small screws. Pop the drive in and you’re done – very simple!


The heart of the unit – a small PCB held in place by two screws:


Performance Test

I tested the enclosure’s transfer rate with an IBM Travelstar 4200 rpm 40 GB IDE HD – results will vary by type of HD used.


Performance is typical for USB ports – fast enough for routine data transfer.


IcyBox’s 2.5 HD Enclosure is an attractive unit for portable data transfers – light and small enough to throw into a briefcase or pocket.

Thanks again to Tagan for sending this our way to try out.

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