Impromptu Benching Party Streaming Live

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Update: This session ended Friday morning, February 4th. Currently showing on Overclockers Live are recordings from the Liquid Nitrogen benchmarking party held November 2010.

Watch Hokiealumnus, mdcomp, I.M.O.G., EnablingWolf, Ghost_Recon88, and splat benching LN2 live right now. Click here to join in the chat and check out other Overclockers’ videos!


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  1. ghost_recon88
    Ha, I was wondering the same thing. Where is the rest of the drunken, er I mean benching footage?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't put it up...there was some pretty raw stuff.
    I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't put it up...there was some pretty raw stuff.

    I took about 30 or so minutes of footage with my Handycam. I have passed it off to be edited and uploaded someplace.
    Since I was rather 'tispy' and near the end, I was not even pointing the camera at people. More just holding a camera that was recording.. There may only be a little bit of actual good footage. More than once, I noticed I was not recording... Thought I was, but wans't
    I randomly seen the camera and grabbed it.
    I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't put it up...there was some pretty raw stuff.

    Yeah......... They were kinda out of it near the end, esp while IMOG was doing his last runs before he tore down.
    One of the highlights I got. Was when the please stop error came up. IMOG was all grins, standing next to it.

    oh man, that must have been after I was gone...can't wait to see that one.
    The last part of that clip is me panning around reminiscing on how much booze was consumed.
    I, for some strange reason, at one point near the end of that clip. Mentioned Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon..
    There was an older movie they did together. Where they got really drunk and had a battle with drawings.. They thought it was little women they were fighting. When they woke up.. It actually ended up they drew all over the place and made a huge mess...
    Give it a bit. Least until it is gone through and uploaded someplace for the masses to see. (I put it up my host, so it can be gotten and edited as seen fit.)
    I am not sure, but I think, hokie is going to edit all the video. Never did catch him raging like a boss.. Wish I would of.
    Well, there is some good footage. Some of it is just... well.. :shrug:
    Plus I don't think he knows how to edit video. Not that hard with modern software. I did understand why he stepped up to edit it though. :D I am a smart alec, so I would rather not do the editing.
    Him smiling and looking over .. Barbra Streisand music comes in..
    I'm a decently experienced video editor (comes with web does graphics work...keep an eye open for the new benching team background on the bot :D)...can't do postprocessing worth crap, but I can totally cut clips together and ll.
    Dortmunder Gold
    Yes, it was a tasty variety of brew. If you can, try the Holy Moses White Ale. Not as strong tasting as the gold, but it has a nice mellow taste.
    Come on now. If you come to Cleveland. You HAVE to try a Great Lakes Company beer. :D They have some really good Lagers. Usually I do not prefer lagers, but they are pretty darn good. the Dormunder is a Golden Lager.
    Since the fellers had a duplicate six, of the same I got. It was even better. Glad the fellers enjoyed it. I took a guess they were Lager or Pilsner drinkers. So I opted to not get any Ale or whatnot.
    I .. Almost opted to get some custom craft brew from down the street. Fresh brewed too. Would of been hard to find what was tasty to everyone. When in doubt, get Great Lakes.