Inateck BK1003E Bluetooth 3.0 Ultra Slim Keyboard

Today I come to burn up the keyboard with a review for a… keyboard! The BK1003E is Inateck’s ultra slim Bluetooth keyboard. This keyboard takes a “one for all” approach on the market with support for the three main operating systems; Android, Windows, and iOS. Bringing along a stylish look and a form factor that’s easy to pack away, this keyboard is dressed to impress. Time to end the rambling and cut to the chase!

Specifications and Features

Looking at the features of the BK1003E keyboard, it can be seen that this is a very modern product. Since this keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect to your devices, it is easy to pack away and carry along and reduces clutter on your desk. All the information referenced in this section can be found here on the Inateck website or here on the Amazon listing by Inateck.

Inateck BK1003E Features
Industry-Leading Ergonomic DesignUltra-slim oozes style and matte black plastic front design make it meet the requirements of Ergonomics. Rest your wrists against the plush palm rest in a relaxed, natural angle with this keyboard’s ergonomic arc and reversed slope. Rounded corners, full-size and well-spaced flat keycaps offer you a decent typing experience.
Feel the DifferenceGloriously shiny brushed stainless steel underside brings a smile to your face. Four little rubber feet stop the keyboard sliding and a tiny sliding switch does the job for powering the device on and off. A green LED on the key blinks as the keyboard is connecting, then glows solid blue to indicate an active connection has been made.
Sleek on the Go and Power-packedCurve-shaped and sleek design makes it portable and none bulky. Super-efficient built-in 200mA lithium battery, works for up to 4 months in standby without charging for 8 hours of continuous use every day. Keyboard sleeps after 10 minutes of inactivity and wakes up when any key is pressed.
Type-on-anything Universal KeyboardThree key tiles labeled Android, Windows and iOS on the front side meaning this keyboard is compatible with most major platforms. It enables you connect a computer, your phone, and tablet, all of which could be using different platforms, to a single keyboard—with solid results.
Bluetooth TechnologyProvides a cable-free & clutter-free connection. Ergonomic tilted design reduces wrist strain; Back panel is made of stainless steel, give you good feel and sturdy quality
Optimized Low-Noise KeyboardGood and sturdy embedding and suspension, very good key stroke, low audible background noise, dust repellent
Package●Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard
●Micro USB Charging cable
●User Manual
Size280 x 135 x 18mm / 11.10 x 5.32 x 0.70in

Packaging/Accessories/Product Tour

The retail packaging for the BK1003E, like many other Inateck products, is simple and effective. Their brand name is listed on the front and a bar code, brand, and model on the back.

Retail Package - Front
Retail Package – Front

Retail Package - Rear
Retail Package – Rear

Opening the box up, we find the keyboard in a cardboard tray with a small section closed off for the accessories. Like the packaging, the accessories are minimal. That said, they’re also all you need. The instruction manual tells you how to connect the keyboard via Bluetooth, and the Micro USB cable allows you to charge the keyboard. Although, it would be nice to see a wall adapter included here.

Retail Package - Inner
Retail Package – Inner


Removing the keyboard from the cardboard tray, we can finally take a closer look at it! Like the specs say, it is a typical QWERTY arrangement. There are a lot of media buttons, which correspond to one or more of Windows, Android, and iOS.

Keyboard Top - 1
Keyboard Top – 1

Keyboard Top - 2
Keyboard Top – 2

Keyboard Top - 3
Keyboard Top – 3

Keyboard Top - 4
Keyboard Top – 4

Turning the keyboard over, we can see the stainless steel back plate that provides rigidity to the whole keyboard. Judging by the construction, this will be a very nice keyboard to type on. There are silicone non-slip feet on this back plate, along with the on/off switch.

Keyboard Bottom - 1
Keyboard Bottom – 1

Keyboard Bottom - 2
Keyboard Bottom – 2

Usability and Conclusion

While keyboard feel is a very personal preference, this keyboard feels very nice. It’s small and light enough that you can type with it while kicked back in a recliner, but solid enough that you can comfortably type on a desk with it as well. The key feel is what you’d expect from a keyboard on a nice laptop. It isn’t a $100+ mechanical keyboard by any means, but the typing feel is crisp and the key strokes are short and precise.

Pairing the keyboard via Bluetooth was a breeze. You power on the keyboard and wait for the status light to cut off (about 10s), hit “Fn” and “C” to begin pairing mode (this starts the status light blinking), then find “Inateck BK1003” in your Bluetooth device list and hit connect. Once connected, the indicator light will stop blinking and stay off. This method worked for me for both Android and Windows OS’s, but I have no iOS devices to test that portion on.

As for the media keys, they worked great for me. Although, I am still slightly confused as to what the “Android”, “Win”, and “iOS” function keys do. I believe it switches the function and media keys to be geared toward the OS you’re using, but it would be good for either the included instruction manual or the website to have some information about these.

After using the keyboard for a few hours on my Nexus 7 I let it sit for about a week, then paired it to my Windows machine. Everything still had a charge and was ready to go! I haven’t tested longer than this, but I don’t foresee any battery life issues with this unit.

All in all, this is a very nice keyboard. The wide range of compatibility makes it easy to use with all your devices, and the quality construction means it should last a long time. Coming in at a mere $27 on Amazon, I daresay this keyboard is a steal.

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Today I come to burn up the keyboard with a review for a... keyboard! The BK1003E is Inateck's ultra slim Bluetooth keyboard. This keyboard takes a "one for all" approach on the market with support for the three main operating systems; Android, Windows, and iOS. Bringing along a stylish look and a form factor that's easy to pack away, this keyboard is dressed to impress. Time to end the rambling and cut to the chase!

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