Inateck BTSP-10 Bluetooth Mini HiFi Speaker

Hey guys! In the slot for today is another offering from Inateck. This time around we’ll be taking a look at their new HiFi (High Fidelity) Bluetooth mini speaker, the BTSP-10. Don’t let the name fool you, this speaker isn’t solely for Bluetooth use, it has connections for wired devices as well. The BTSP-10 is definitely targeted toward the mobile crowd, with the obvious intention being a portable speaker solution that produces high quality sound. Alright, enough of my talking, let’s focus on the speaker!

Specifications and Features

Going through the features of the BTSP-10 speaker, it is immediately seen that the sound is produced by two 1.5″ dual channel speakers. It uses Bluetooth for communication with mobile devices, and can also be used with a standard 3.5mm audio cable.

A few specifications that I found, but not listed on the Inateck website, are seen here:

  • 1500mAh Lithium Polymer Battery, power lasts up to 20h on audio cable, 10h on Bluetooth mode
  • CSR8645 Bluetooth audio chipset
  • Response Frequency: 90Hz – 20kHz
  • MicroUSB Charging Interface – 500mA Charging Current
  • Size: 165mm x 60mm x 45mm

Here’s a list of the features given by Inateck:

Inateck BTSP-10 Bluetooth Mini HiFi Speaker
Compact Design
    This Bluetooth speaker box measures 165mm x 60mm x 45mm, the weight amounts to 375g respectively. Therefore, this gadget is easily portable and can conveniently be carried to other places to your liking, even transported in your bag or backpack. This speaker also puts an end to any trouble from cable connections.
Convincing Sound Performance for Broadcasting Media Sounds
    Playback volume reaches 88dB, the two 1.5“ dual channel speakers create the impression of 3D surround sounds, rendering the sound experience even more impressive. You can pair this device conveniently to any playback device supporting Bluetooth, like iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch or other devices, to share music, film sounds, game sounds or phone calls – this all can be achieved using this gadget which fits in the palm of a hand.
Mobile Conferences
    This Bluetooth speaker features a high-performing microphone, which allows you to conduct clear voice phone calls or conferences at any place of your choosing – be it the office, in the car or at home. At the same time, this gadget is an ideal choice for communication and media sharing through applications like iChat or Skype.
Precision and Quality
    The front panel is designed using a innovative honeycomb structure, the hexagonal function buttons are sensitive to your touch and integrate themselves seamlessly into the device. The rubber surface was treated using a well-tested german application method, it feels soft and fine to the touch.
  • BTSP-10
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • Manual
  • Carrying Bag

Retail Packaging

When I first opened the shipping box, I was immediately intrigued by the box for this speaker. The whole finish is a flat black with nothing on it, except the word Inateck in white and some very unique gloss black music symbols. It’s simple and very attractive at the same time. It definitely leaves an impression, and a good one at that.

Retail Packaging
Retail Packaging

After lifting the lid from the package, we get the first sight of the speaker. It’s nestled safely in a perfectly cut piece of dense foam. Inateck definitely wants you to receive this speaker safe from any shipping woes.

Retail Packaging - Open
Retail Packaging – Open

Included Accessories

Under the speaker, and the foam that holds it in place, are the accessories. Included with the speaker are a MicroUSB cable for charging purposes, a 3.5mm audio cable for use with any device that doesn’t have Bluetooth, a manual, and a carrying bag to keep it all in.

The only thing I would like to see here that isn’t included is a charging brick for the MicroUSB cable. Almost anyone has one of those laying around these days, but it never hurts to have another.


The Inateck BTSP-10 Bluetooth Mini HiFi Speaker – A Closer Look

Does anyone else want to get up close and personal with this speaker? Because I do.

The design is comprised of hexagons of varying sizes with a section of blue mesh with a yellow Inateck logo, and the whole exterior has a rubberized coating on it. There are no screw holes to be seen as Inateck’s design is screwless!

The bottom of the speaker has rubber feet to minimize vibrations, and a mesh port for the speakers. On top are three buttons, these are used for connecting via Bluetooth, increasing volume, and decreasing volume. On the right side are the 3.5mm port, MicroUSB port, and an on/off switch. The on/off switch glows orange while charging and switches to green when fully charged. There’s a small light on the front that illuminates when the speaker is turned on. This light also lets you know when you’re in pairing mode for Bluetooth.

BTSP-10 Speaker
BTSP-10 Speaker
BTSP-10 Speaker - Rear
BTSP-10 Speaker – Rear

BTSP-10 Speaker - Top
BTSP-10 Speaker – Top

BTSP-10 Speaker - Bottom
BTSP-10 Speaker – Bottom

BTSP-10 Speaker - Side View
BTSP-10 Speaker – Side View

BTSP-10 Speaker - Connections
BTSP-10 Speaker – Ports

Testing and Performance

Due to the nature of a speaker, we don’t have a standard performance test procedure such as those for graphics cards, therefore I’ll be “winging it”.

The first thing I did with the BTSP-10 was pair it to my trusty Nexus 7. Easy. Very easy. You turn on the unit, hold the Bluetooth button until the front light flashes, then pick the speaker from the list of Bluetooth devices on your device.

Next, I started up Pandora to put it through my normal music. About thirty minutes of rock, metal, and country (don’t ask, my music tastes are polar opposites). I gathered a pretty good idea of what this speaker is capable of. On the lower volume scale the highs and mids are clear, but the lows got a little muddy. Not enough to be blatantly obvious, but it’s there. It took about ten minutes for me to figure out that the lows weren’t perfectly crisp on low volume. That said, I turned up the volume. The BTSP-10 gets LOUD. Really loud. But after getting up toward a middle volume level (and even on high volume) all the sounds are perfectly clear.

For a wireless device of this size, I’m definitely impressed by the sound quality. It’s not easy to get good sound in a device you can easily carry, but Inateck did a darned good job at it.


The Inateck BTSP-10 Bluetooth Speaker has a nice, modern design and good performance to back up the looks. When handling the speaker it has that “quality feel” to it, solid with just enough weight that you know it’s built well. Combine that with a (mostly) good accessory package and connectivity to support almost any device on the market, and we’ve got a winner.

Of course, my only negatives for this product are the low frequencies at low volumes being slightly muddy and the charging cable not including the wall adapter. Chalk up another Inateck product that impresses me though. The BTSP-10 comes in at a competitive $80 on Amazon. And until December 25, 2014 you can get $10 off with code O9WWNSXQ! Overclockers approved!

Overclockers_clear_approvedClick the stamp for an explanation of what this means.


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any idea on how this stacks up with the Bose Mini?

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any idea on how this stacks up with the Bose Mini?

Perfect question for me, as I've used my mother's Bose Mini!

The Bose has better sound quality, but I don't think it is worth the extra $130 over the Inateck unless you're a sound junkie. (Bose is $200, Inateck is currently $70 with the code)
I could hear a difference, but I'm pretty picky over speaker quality. Let's just say I tried to replace my headset, tried four other options, and ended up with a new replacement of the same headset...
The only noticeable difference was where I talked about low volumes getting slightly muddy on the Inateck, but most people's normal listening levels will be higher than that.

I feel both are equally loud, both are built very well, and both can be used either with a 3.5mm cable or with Bluetooth.

TL;DR - The Inateck does too well at $70 to justify $200 for the Bose.

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