Inside A Router

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What’s inside these things.–Eric Shufro

I own a Linksys BEFSR41 router. It recently went south, so thinking I might
be able to do something to fix that myself, I called up Linksys and asked just
what was inside.

After a generally unpleasant experience, I finally got called back by a tech,
who told me that that was all proprietary information.

Being stubborn, I surfed around trying to find specs on it. Found them for other
brands, but not this one.

So I took it apart.

This is what I found:

CPU: Samsung ARM chip: 33Mhz, 32-bit RISC chip.

RAM: Taiwan Memory Technology (tmtech) 100mhz 256KBx16 EDO Dram chips. (2 of
them) for a total of 8 megabytes.

Basically, this thing is much like every other router out there except a
small handful like Cisco, which have twice the memory.

I find that I bog this router down all of the time with four people so it
probably isnt enough RAM for hardcore usage.

It uses the same clock rate as Cisco though, but the microcontroller technology is
likely to be very different.

The built-in 4-port switch has its own network controller on it and RAM. (SGRAM is all I know – I
didn’t look into it much).

Maybe this will help someone looking to compare broadband sharing routers.

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