Instant Santa!

Aarrrgggghh!!!!! I gotta buy somebody some computer thing for Christmas!! I gotta buy ME some computer thing for Christmas!! And I got NO SERIOUS MONEY LEFT!!!

May I make a suggestion?

Why don’t you consider an optical mouse if the giftee doesn’t have one yet? If there’s a Best Buy near you, you can pick up an MS Wheelmouse for $30 or an Intellimouse for $40.

They’re lighter than the old-fashioned mouse, certainly more convenient (especially if the giftee runs his mouse off the road more often than a guy with two quarts of vodka in him), and they look cool with that little red light on the bottom.

The Wheelmouse probably would be better for the non-gamer, less buttons to click by accident. The Intellimouse has more buttons and options.

If the recipient is left-handed, this is an extra bonus for them because these mice are truly ambidextrous, no right-handed bias here.

A less cool, but possibly more practical gift for some are bulk CD-R disks. You can buy those for not much, too. To be extra thoughtful, also buy some envelopes to go along with them. You can pick those up
at computer shows for less than $10 per hundred.

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