Intel and NVIDIA’s New Performance Parts

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Intel and NVIDIA have both been busy on the next generation of high performance parts:

Intel has listed the Core i7-970 CPU. Retailing at $900, this chip has six hyperthreaded cores at 3.2 GHz, 12 MB of cache and is made using a 32 nm process. It still plays second fiddle to the 980X which is 133 MHz faster and possesses a faster (6.4 GT/s vs 4.8 GT/s) QPI speed. It ought to be a cheaper alternative, however, and once the new chip is in the hands of overclockers we might see the performance gap narrowed significantly. The i7-970 is currently $100 less than it’s big brother. The release of this chip comes along with price drops on some lines and discontinuation of others, according to Fudzilla.

Intel Core i7-970 CPU (Courtesy Intel)

Asus Mars II Dual-GTX480 GPU (Courtesy Legit Reviews)

Elsewhere, Asus has been showing off their Mars II dual-GTX480 board. A single 480 already puts out a ton of heat (we have a review of a watercooling kit for the GTX480 in the pipeline) so a dual-480 card is likely to be a beast. Pictures at the above link show three PCI-e power connectors which will no doubt draw some serious power, making this a niche product at best. The card has an SLI connector – we may well be seeing some record benchmark scores when someone has the cash and the cooling to put a pair of these in SLI. There is more vague news on the ATi front from Fudzilla; the ATi 6000 series ought to be arriving in October.

If you like performance hardware, it looks like you’re in for a treat – or two – in the very near future.


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Depressingly high price for the 970. Not even close to worth it IMO. Not when the 980x is only $100 more expensive and doesn't require a motherboard capable of high bclk to reach very high OCs.

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Dying to see some benchmarks!!!!! I wonder what their going to do with the top of the card? Just sell it with a pre-installed water block. Either way this thing sounds beast!

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I'm so sad that the i7 970 is going to still be close to the price of the 980x, I was hoping it to be at the 500 mark at least so I can consider upgrading! And the dual 480, I can't wait to see benchmarks for them in SLI!!!!!

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