International Overclockers Day . . . .

It appears the folks at have an interesting new idea.

Why not have an International Overclockers Day?

They suggest February 29, saying that’s the best day because that’s the one day of the year when the calendar is overclocked. 🙂

They suggest February 28 for non-leap years.

Unfortunately, my Cyrillic isn’t at all good, so I’m getting this second-hand, take a look here for some discussion of this in English.

Not that we’re going to make this a national holiday or anything, but given that there are millions of overclockers out there, why can’t we have a yearly commemoration? Look at all the folks that already have official commemoration times (U.S. only).

Before I spew out some ideas on what a person or people ought to do on Overclockers Day, I’d like to get some ideas on what might be good things to do on such a day to promote overclocking, inform non-overclockers of what we do and don’t do, things like that.

Please use the special email address linked below only for any ideas that you have.

In the meantime, you might want to spread the word around, in other forums and in suggestions to other websites to get them involved. (Might be interesting to see who will and won’t touch it, too.)

The first year, I think the idea is to see if the idea flies. Let folks independently figure out what be good to do on this date, write an article, have a contest, whatever.

Again, it’s not my idea. Credit for that should go to the folks, but a good idea is a good idea, even when you don’t think of it. 🙂

We so often get pigeonholed as a bunch of people of dubious sanity for what we do. Why can’t we dedicate a day to setting the record straight and getting the real story out?

Let’s try to run with this a bit and see what happens.


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