Internet Retailers: The Next Casualties?

. Retailers already going through hard times found it got even worse after September 11.–Ed

Somebody fairly close to home may be getting killed by the events of this week too: your small (or maybe not so small) Internet retailer.

These folks weren’t doing too well to begin with during this computer slump, and this week they got:

  • People not ordering at all.
  • People who did not getting their goods because of all the shipping snafus. No air travel, no air freight, and I can tell you the UPS guys got hit with surges they weren’t ready for.

    I know a lot of these guys, especially the smaller one, have been running on fumes, and much longer of this will mean they’ll have to close down shop.

    So please, if you recently bought something, and haven’t gotten it yet, be patient and don’t get mad at the retailer. The situation has been out of his or her control.

    If you had plans to buy something, but put it off, please try to get some orders into the pipeline so the little guys can pay their bills and their people.

    The World Trade Center got hit to try to paralyze our commerce, and commerce pays for the soldiers and sailors and pilots and planes and cruise missiles and exotic spying devices and smart weaponry.

    So let’s show in our own little ways that we’re getting back to business.

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