Ipex Infotech Releases Statement Regarding Fake Newegg i7 CPUs

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Following up on Newegg’s official press statement yesterday, IPEX Infotech has released a statement of their own regarding details of this fiasco from their perspective:

Ipex has been supplying computer components to the technology industry for
over 10 years with the goal of providing quality products and services to
our customers. Recently we were referenced in connection with some
counterfeit Intel Core i7 920 Microprocessors sold within the US market.
While we purchased these products in good faith from a supplier we are very
disappointed to learn of the questionable status of these products and are
taking appropriate action to resolve the issue for any impacted Ipex client
as well as are fully cooperating with Intel’s investigation in to
determining the original source.

Ipex Infotech, inc.
(Received by email: Tuesday, Mar 9, 2010 – 5:08 PM EST)

While Ipex Infotech is not on the list of Intel Authorized Distributors, this statement is at least testament that Ipex is admitting to the problem. This is in contrast to the previous information Newegg shared in their press release where Ipex had stated originally these were “demo boxes”. So it appears the truth is rising to the surface but it will take some time before Ipex is ready to identify the issue and their resolution more acutely.


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