Is This Stupid Or What?

Talk about heads up nether regions.

Microsoft wants money. The world is becoming increasingly reluctant to spend more and more and get less and less.

Obviously, this is a big problem at Redmond, and in those nether regions within MS, obviously, it’s the world’s fault.

So what’s the answer? Buy XP (both OS and Office) by October 1, or else pay a lot more later.

It’s so annoying and inconvenient to have to persuade people to buy your product. This takes care of that.

Corporations don’t understood who’s boss here. So what if they don’t want or need an upgrade? So what if they don’t want to disrupt their business whenever MS says jump? Just who do they think they are? No, siree. Their role in life
is to give MS more and more money when it wants it, not when and if they want to.

Think MS has learned anything from its recent legal trouble?

If the car dealer you bought a new car from last year told you you had to buy the 2002 model when it comes out October 1, or else they would charge you an extra 25%, what would you say to the dealer?

That’s just what you should say to Microsoft.

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