JATON Budget Video Card

Surprisingly good performance for an inexpensive card. – Pooh

[I received this email – I’ve seen these cards at local computer shows and even bought a few for budget systems, so you might want to give this a look. Joe]

I’ve tested about 5 different Geforce 400MX cards – they all did
200core/190-200 mem tops, which is very good. But today I got a new Jaton 400MX card. It cost me exactly $50. Before I bought my first Jaton card, I thought they were all junk – Jaton, come on! I told my dealer I don’t want that in my computers (I’m a computer technician, and I build PC’s all the time).

After getting over 8 TNT2 64 cards, they all performed excellently. I can overclock to 170/205 from 125/150, not to mention 2D was very good for a $34 card. However, the Jaton 400MX card does an Amazing 255/270 – 100% stable!!! I get a 60% increase in FPS from the default clock speeds – 60%! Have you ever heard of this before??

The RAM on the card is rated 5.5ns. I don’t think I need to tell you it’s SDRAM. I still can’t believe it, and yes, I made sure it was really
clocked at that speed. I have no Ram sinks on it, though – I only put a cooler on the GPU.

Jaton has amazed me all the time. If someone told me they got that kind
of oveclock, I would never believe them!


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