Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver Headset Review

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Today, we get to take a look at the Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver Headset. Not only is it visually stunning, but it boasts some serious studio quality promises. With all of the compatibility this headset has to offer across different platforms, you’ll likely never need another one. Lets find out what makes this corded stereo headset have a chance in a market dominated by other “7.1” and wireless headsets.


Here are the specifications straight from the HyperX website (There is also a PDF data sheet if you want to skip the webpage, located here).

HyperX Cloud Revolver Specifications – Headset
DriverDynamic, 50mm with neodymium magnets
TypeCircumaural, Closed back
Frequency Response12Hz–28,000 Hz
Impedance30 Ω
Sound Pressure Level104.5dBSPL/mW at 1kHz
T.H.D.< 2%
Input PowerRated 30mW, Maximum 500mW
Weight W/Mic and Cable376g (13.2 ounces)
Cable Length and TypeHeadset (1m) + Audio Control Box (2m)
Connection Headset – 3.5mm plug (4 pole) + Audio Control Box – 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs
HyperX Cloud Revolver Specifications – Microphone
ElementElectret condenser microphone
Polar PatternUni-directional, Noise-canceling
Frequency Response50Hz–18,000 Hz
Sensitivity40dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)


Also from the HyperX website:

  • Studio-grade sound stage — HyperX Cloud Revolver™ has a wider audio range that creates depth and width for optimal audio precision and a competitive edge. You’ll hear your opponents’ location more accurately from further away. Its larger sound stage is ideal for FPS and open environment gameplay and for a concert hall-like experience when listening to music.
  • Next-generation directional 50mm drivers — Refined 50mm directional drivers are positioned parallel to the ears for a clean, crisp sound with enhanced bass. The drivers direct the sound into the ear for precise audio positioning.
  • Signature HyperX award-winning memory foam — Red memory foam is visible from back of the ear cups to differentiate HyperX from its competitors. The higher quality, dense foam signifies HyperX awardwinning comfort and quality while providing ultimate comfort during prolonged gaming sessions.
  • 2M audio control box extension with stereo and mic plugs — HyperX Cloud Revolver comes with a 2 meter audio control box extension with stereo and mic plugs for PC. It’s ideal for use with the on-board sound card.
  • Durable steel frame — Designed in Germany, HyperX Cloud Revolver has a solid-steel frame for long-lasting durability and stability.
  • Detachable noise-cancellation microphone — The removable microphone boom makes it easy to plug in for gaming or unplug to listen to music. It features a flexible design and custom mic positioning.
  • Multi-platform compatibility — HyperX Cloud Revolver is compatible with PC, Xbox One™1 , PS4™, Wii U™, Mac® and Mobile2 so you can use one headset for PC and console gaming.
  • TeamSpeak certified — TeamSpeak™ certifies the voice quality to be clear and crisp with excellent sound quality. No audible echoes, background noises or voice distortions were detected in tests. Other compatible chat clients include Discord, Skype™, Ventrilo, Mumble and RaidCall.

With all of that to chew on, I would like to point out a few things that caught my attention. While this headset is Stereo, virtual 7.1 is still possible. The Corsair H2100 uses only two 50mm drivers while the 7.1 is virtualized through the Corsair product software. I used the Sonic Soundstage which came with my ROG series motherboard to down mix my in-game audio to achieve virtual 7.1 on the stereo headset. With that said, where this headset really shines is in its ability to have a larger frequency response range because it is able to carry the fidelity over a cable verses a wireless signal. In terms of Sound Pressure Level, 104 dB is comparable to a Pneumatic Hammer. That information coupled with a THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of less than 2% only adds benefit to the overall quality of this headset. In audio systems, lower distortion means the components in equipment produce a more accurate reproduction of an audio recording. So now that we have learned a bit more about what this headset has to offer, lets take a look at it.

Retail Packaging

The item itself came shipped in a standard brown box, with just enough packing material to keep the headset from banging around or moving much. No scuffs or scratches to be seen on the beautiful and vibrant retail packaging.

Sticking to the red and black color scheme of the Revolver, the retail package grabs your attention. On the front it has a very aggressive image of the headset and notes the compatibility with different devices. On the backside, we see a list of features, highlighting the steel frame, 50mm drivers, and suspension headband, also noting the included accessories. More on all of this in a bit.

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The colorful part of the packaging slides off to reveal a very bold HyperX logo. After we separate the box lid, we find our headset and accessories nestled in foam, as well as documentation and a very nice thank you note from the manufacturer printed inside of the lid.

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Headset and Accessories

With the headset out of the packaging we can take a closer look. The first thing that I noticed was the eye catching color scheme, subtle contrasts of the matte finished steel and ear cups against the glossy red and black, exhaust like logo. The suspension band is wrapped in black and the stitching done in red. The ear cup memory foam is stiff enough to provide support but soft enough to make you forget it is even there. The 3.5 foot cable is sleeved and moves freely, not retaining any shape from being secured during packaging. The included accessories are the microphone, which looks like a large piece of molded rubber, and a 6.5 foot PC audio/mic break out box, which features a mute switch, volume knob, mounting clip, and sleeved cable as well.

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You can feel the weight of the headset in your hand but it is incredibly light on your head, weighing in at just over 13 ounces. The suspension strap makes it feel weightless once its on. It feels almost as if the ear cups are the only thing holding it to your head. They are large enough to go around your ear which is fantastic. I did not have any uncomfortable pressure points after wearing them for even a short time like other headsets. They breathe very nicely also. All of this adds up to hours of comfortable listening.

The microphone has a keyed insert, meaning that it can only be inserted in one orientation, which may make it a little difficult to insert without looking but guarantees that once inserted, the mic will never rotate while there. While we are on the topic, the microphone looks like a large piece of rubber and is soft to the touch, the movement of the mic is incredible. It feels almost mechanical, where you move it is where it stays, no rebound, no sag, no un-commanded movements out of it. Having dealt with mics on other headsets, I was thoroughly impressed with how well it is crafted. As you probably guessed, the mic is not required for use but if you don’t want to remove it every time, there is a mute switch on the breakout box with a red indication to show you that you are muted.

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The break out box for connecting the headset to your PC is really great also. The ample cord length of just over 6 feet ensures that you can reach any where you want to with it. The volume knob on the side of the box really helps for quick adjustments of volume. No more looking for keys or pulling up the volume control software. Just a quick note, I never made it to the end of my volume knob, somewhere around 3/4ths the way up, I could feel my teeth rattling from the pressure generated by the drivers and turned back. Once again very impressed with everything this headset offers.



I listened to a variety of different genres, rap, classical, dub-step, even talk radio. This headset performed flawlessly. Every note was there, crisp and clean. Even as I turned the volume up to where I didn’t want it to be, everything still sounded clean. The low end really had a punch and the higher end was enough to hurt a bit. I was very impressed. When they say studio quality here they really do mean it.


Once again, they performed past my expectations. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was the film of choice. The explosions were clear and dialogue was fantastic. Every sound within the film was produced clearly and powerfully.


I decided to run Forza Motorsport 6: Apex as an overall quality test because of the many different constant sounds created outside of the roar of your engine. Not only was I able to hear as my tires broke traction and my revs went up, but I could also hear my opponent’s Ferrari in front of me begin to scream as it exited the corner. I could hear clearly that an opponent was creeping up on my right as we screamed down the course. For a stereo headset, I could clearly hear directional audio. This was shown in Battlefield 3 as well.


Quality and clarity of the microphone was tested with a simple chat on TeamSpeak 3. Compared to other microphones I’ve used in the past, this one is more than acceptable.

Final Thoughts

Starting with the negatives about this headset, they are not about the sound quality at all. The first is the cord. This isn’t really a negative other than I would need to remove it to walk more than 10 feet from my PC. Wireless is great for chatting or something along those lines where you’re not going to be in front of your PC constantly. But for anything else, I would gladly trade wireless capabilities for the fidelity produced by this headset. The other is the lack of a noise cancelling construction. I was able to hear noises produced outside of my headset at low volumes. It was somewhat distracting but then I decided to turn it up a bit more. Problem solved for me and there was plenty of room left on the volume dial. Even though I did turn it up, no one else was disturbed by doing so.

Now for some of the many great things about this headset. The comfort is still something I just cannot seem to get over. I have worn them for three hours straight at times with no fatigue, no pain, and sometimes, no sound. I forgot they were on after the album ended as I was typing this. I didn’t notice until I asked my friend a question and was not able to hear her, so who says noise cancellation is necessary? I did a quick test with a function generator to test the frequency response of the 50mm drivers and believe it or not, they perform well throughout the ranges specified in the datasheet. I also felt the piercing frequency of 21,000Hz above that my hearing fell off but my dog was not amused. Studio quality is a very prominent feature of this Headset from HyperX.

All of that, plus the beauty and aggressive statement made by the appearance of this headset, sets it above the rest for me. For general use, as well as for gaming or media editing, they are really worthy of the price, currently at $99.54 with free shipping on Amazon. Once again, I cannot put into words how blown away I am by this product from Kingston. The comfort, quality, and appearance are just a few things you will absolutely enjoy too.

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Today, we get to take a look at the Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver Headset. Not only is it visually stunning, but it boasts some serious studio quality promises. With all of the compatibility this headset has to offer across different platforms, you'll likely never need another one. Lets find out what makes this corded stereo headset have a chance in a market dominated by other "7.1" and wireless headsets.

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